Help With Crumbling Basement Walls (100yr old house)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cd65w2j8a5U "I removed some wood veneer and studs in a house I just purchased to reveal a wall which looks to have had years of water intrusion. The parging has almost completely fallen off on the whole wall, and the top of the wall sounds hollow when knocked on. Interested in opinions on how bad this damage is, and how to go about repairing it." I'm a first time home buyer with interest in DIY repairs. I've never worked with cement/concrete but have been doing some research. I've got a contractor friend coming out to look at the wall in a week. Wondering if any of you have seen walls crumbling to this extent, and how I should approach fixing, or getting this fixed. My fear is that all of the hollow parts of this wall will have to be removed. This means that the top 1-2 foot of the wall will need to come out and be replaced somehow. I'm hoping there is some way around this. I've addressed what I believe was the main root of the problem. The gutters had not been cleaned out in when looked like years. Water was pouring out of the clogged gutters and landing directly by the foundation where most of the damage is. I fixed and cleaned the gutters. I still plan on sealing the wall from the outside, and grading around the foundation. Any advice is appreciated.

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