Trying to install pull up bar that is a bit too big

Dear, I am trying to install a pull-up bar. However, the only appropriate place it can be attached to is slightly too small. I know that it will hold me with ease, since I weigh 70 kg and the maximum weighpower of the bar is 350 kg, but I am lost as in what to do now. I have not been able to find anything on the internet. Now I have come up with a few "solutions", but ive never done anything similar and have zero knowledge so i dont know which and if any of them is more fit. First of all I was thinking that maybe it would be enough to just drill 4 instead of 8 screws straight into the wood. Another option would be drilling 4 instead of 8 of the provided plugs + screws isntead of using regular screws. I just dont know if it will hold and I dont know how I can find out. The other way would be drilling in the 4 of either screw, and then screwing a metal bracket underneath the wooden construction for the rest of the pull-up bar to lean against or even be attached to (is this even possible?) I know you are big on doing on your own research, but I have not been able to find anything similar and I dont want to break my room. There is no other wall that could possibly hold the pull-upbar. There are no smaller bars to be found anywhere. I have included pictures of the wooden construction, the bar-part that should be attached to it and the provided plugs + screws. https://imgur.com/R57ZqOs https://imgur.com/aJKBQIu ​ Thanks in advance! PS: sorry for any possible language barriers, im not native and i dont know the technical terms. If you need any clarification to better understand my problem, let me know and ill try to explain.

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